What’s new in Business Analyst Web App BAO

The June update of the Esri Business Analyst web app brings you the latest demographic data and improved tools for creating custom reports. Here are some highlights:

2016 Esri US Demographics Data: Having up-to-date data is crucial for accurate business decisions. The new release of the Business Analyst web app brings you the latest data and reports for the United States.

Esri’s 2016/2021 US Updated Demographics captures the industry’s most accurate current-year estimates and five-year projections for the US population such as growth and decline, increased diversity, and aging.

2016 data variables for the Tapestry Segmentation, Consumer Spending, and Market Potential categories. Check them out in the data browser.

2010-2014 American Community Survey (ACS) data from the Census Bureau. New variables include households with/without Social Security income and Retirement income, Population 65+ with two or more types of health insurance, and Population 65+ living in households by relationship.

Location data    
2016 Business Summary and Locations data from Infogroup. Provides data on business sales, employees, industry classification, and more.

Updated Reports and Report Builder

Use an updated set of standard report templates with the most up-to-date data to analyze and summarize information about your sites and areas.
Seamlessly access the latest data when creating, editing, and sharing your custom report templates with the updated report builder.
Support for conditional formatting in the report builder gives you a new data-driven way of controlling the look and feel of the information presented in your reports.
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