ESRI Site License Terms

Participant benefits:

  1. Purchase ESRI software products and documentation at rates detailed in Fee Schedule;
  2. Receive software updates and revisions as available;
  3. Request technical support from LICGF and other GIS Specialists (see list attached) participants. For extensive or time-consuming requests, a consulting fee may be charged, per standard rates of the specialist;
  4. Request telephone or e-mail consultation with ESRI technical support through designated contacts;
  5. Receive e-mail and other announcements about bug fixes, upgrades, new releases, etc.

For Departmental Unlimited licenses:

  • Make additional copies of ESRI products for departmental use.
  • Receive downloads of installation and data
  • Receive provisioning files for Staff Desktop Licenses to redistribute

Participant requirements:

  1. Abide by all provisions of ESRI site license, particularly restrictions on duplication and distribution of products;
  2. Purchase software, key codes, documentation, and other products through LICGF;
  3. Except in the case of departmental licenses, report to LICGF the number of copies of all ESRI products in use, including additional copies of copyable programs made during the year;
  4. By August 15 of each year, provide funds to LICGF for ESRI product annual maintenance (share of system-wide annual site license fee);
  5. Use only license-provided campus technical support unless authorized (no telephone calls directly to ESRI).