Since 1982, LICGF has put the Wisconsin Idea into action: Fostering cooperation between government officials and university scholars to solve current problems and to anticipate future agendas.A UW research, instruction, and outreach facility for the development and application of geographic information system technology for natural resource management and land records modernization. LICGF helps develop solutions to technical and institutional problems in managing land information. The facility provides a venue for both inter-disciplinary, multi-agency projects and individual faculty and student research efforts.


We are involved with several research projects, including: modeling land use impacts; interfacing GIS/LIS with other technologies; evaluating the benefits and rate of adoption of GIS/LIS; and implementation of land records modernization.

Instruction / Teaching

We instruct and teach GIS/LIS to professionals as well as graduate and undergraduate students in the environmental, social, and engineering sciences. LICGF has held seminars, short courses, and video courses in GIS/LIS and in the application of GIS/LIS to specific areas, including the use and application of specific software packages to real-world problems.


Developing applications, models, and procedures for local governments.

Disseminating information on developments in GIS/LIS through the Wisconsin Land Information Newsletter and other media.

Helping develop industry standards for data acquisition and accuracy.