Advanced ArcGIS 10.5

Course Fee: $650
Instructor Tom McClintock
2-day class using ESRI and LICGF materials

This 2-day class will explore more advanced topics not covered in the Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 class, or will cover previous topics in more depth. Depending on the size and make-up of the class, students will be able to choose what topics we explore and may add additional topics. Recommended prerequisites: A previous ArcGIS class or intermediate “hands-on” experience.

Topics covered


  • Creating Geodatabases
  • Geodatabase subtypes and domains
  • Geodatabase relationships
  • Editing with Geodatabase Topology and Map Topology
  • Advanced editing
  • Importing CAD, Text and GPS data
  • Georeferencing and Spatial Adjustment
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Impact assessment
  • Advanced Model Builder
  • Cartographic representation
  • Annotation
  • Address matching
  • Data Driven Pages
  • Temporal data
  • 3d visualization
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