Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro

Course Fee: $650

2 day class using ESRI and LICGF materials

Instructor Tom McClintock

This 2 day class will explore the major components of ArcGIS Pro (the future of ESRI Desktop GIS!). ArcGIS Pro is included with your Desktop license and has many new features and capabilities not found in ArcMap. Experience with ESRI’s Desktop ArcGIS (ArcMap) is useful, but not a prerequisite. For those students who are familiar with ArcMap we will compare the functionality and interface and highlight features that are new or improved in ArcGIS Pro. The “Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro” book by ESRI Press will serve as the primary reference and exercise book.

Topics Covered include:

  • Contextual Ribbons and other interface components
  • Concept of multiple Views and Layout pages
  • Exploring geospatial data and relationships
  • Working with 3d spatial data
  • Integration of 2d and 3d views
  • Collecting, creating and editing spatial data
  • Using Tasks, Geoprocessing models and Scripts
  • Displaying, relating and joining Tables
  • Exploring ArcGIS online
  • Symbolizing and classification of spatial data
  • Collaboration and sharing of data and maps
  • Geocoding location data
  • Analyze spatial and temporal data
  • Create suitability maps
  • Creating page layouts for printing, exporting and sharing online

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