CommunityViz for ArcGIS

Course Fee: $875

3-day class, CommunityViz Scenario 360 and Site Builder
This three day course offers an in depth exploration of Scenario 360 and Site Builder, interactive decision-making tools by CommunityViz that are extensions to ArcMap. Use of this software encourages participation and collaboration by engaging users and public audiences via visualization and interactive participation.
Scenario 360 helps you view, project, analyze, and understand potential alternatives and impacts via visual exploration and alternative scenario construction and analysis. It allows you to experiment with hypothetical scenarios, challenge assumptions on the fly, and view impacts of changes. Proposals, assumptions, and impacts can be viewed side-by-side to illustrate the choices that need to be made.
SiteBuilder3D provides integrated, real-time exploration of photo-realistic 3D landscapes using your existing data or 3D models from a library. 3D scenes can be exported in a portable format that can be used on other computers. Friends and colleagues can fly through and explore your scenes at no charge and without needing to install any special software.

The third day of the class is devoted to helping you start your own project working with your data if it is available. We can can also use proxy data to build the framework of an analysis that you can later populate with your data.

Topics covered

  • Setting up a scenario (analysis) from scratch
  • Adding data
  • Defining variables and formulas
  • Creating dynamic attributes
  • Working with assumptions, indicators, charts, and alerts
  • Presenting data through maps
  • Working with SiteBuilder
  • Creating terrain
  • Adding images as textures
  • Navigating in 3D
  • Planting features on the terrain
  • Creating virtual tours (i.e. making movies).

Note: Familiarity with ArcGIS is recommended.

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