Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop 10.5

Course Fee: $950

3-day class, using ESRI and LICGF materials

This new 3-day class is perfect for new users or existing casual or self-taught users who want a comprehensive hands-on overview of ArcGIS Desktop functionality. Since ESRI has discontinued the certified instructor program LICGF has decided on this course to replace ESRI’s ArcGIS 1 and ArcGIS 2 classes, combining most of that content into an efficiently presented 3-day class. The “Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop” third edition by ESRI Press will serve as the primary reference and exercise book supplemented with lectures and additional exercises and reference material by LICGF. (See table of contents here).

Topics Covered include:

  • Getting started with maps, data and layers
  • Navigating the ArcMap interface
  • Using ArcCatalog for data management
  • Exploring online resources including ArcGIS online
  • Understanding what you need to know about coordinate systems
  • Getting information about features using queries
  • Working with tables including joining and relating multiple tables
  • Selecting features by location
  • Classifying and symbolizing features
  • Working with labels and annotation
  • Creating charts, reports and layouts for presentation and sharing results
  • Creating and editing data
  • Geocoding addresses
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Analyzing data using geoprocessing
  • Exploring Model Builder to automate workflows

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