Web Based GIS

Course Fee: $650

2 day class using ESRI and other materials

Instructor Tom McClintock

This new 2 day class will cover a variety of topics that cover using GIS in concert with the internet or cloud.  This class is still under development but the following topics will be covered:

  • Building web apps using ArcGIS Online
  • Hosting feature and tiled layers
  • Story Maps
  • Web Appbuilder for ArcGIS
  • Publishing map services
  • Spatial analytics and geoprocessing services
  • Mobile and real time GIS
  • 3D web scenes
  • ArcGIS Collector and Survey 123
  • Other non-ArcGIS online sources of data and maps
    Non ESRI apps for field work
    Differences between ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap for interfacing with ArcGIS online
    What is ArcGIS Portal
    Methods for using data and maps when offline