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This website provides information about the coastal digital raster graphics (DRGs) available from LICGF.

 DRG status graphic
 Text listing of the DRGs available from LICGF
 Processing steps

DRG status graphic

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Text listing of the coastal DRGs available from LICGF
Blaine Creek 46091-F4
Chappee Rapids 45087-B6
Oconto West 44087-H8
Casco 44087-E5
Cleveland West 43087-H7
Howards Grove 43087-G7
Bear Island 47090-A7
Rocky Island 47090-A6
Cat Island 47090-A5
Outer Island 47090-A4
Squaw Bay 46091-H1
Sand Island 46090-H8
York Island 46090-H7
Oak Island 46090-H6
Stockton Island 46090-H5
Michigan Island 46090-H4
Lakewood 46091-G8
Port Wing 46091-G4
Herbster 46091-G3
Bark Bay 46091-G2
Cornucopia 46091-G1
Mount Ashwabay 46090-G8
Bayfield 46090-G7
Madeline Island 46090-G6
Amnicon Point 46090-G5
West Duluth 46092-F2
Superior 46092-F1
Parkland 46091-F8
Poplar NE 46091-F7
Cloverland 46091-F6
Oulu 46091-F5
Washburn 46090-F8
Long Island 46090-F7
Chequamegon Point 46090-F6
Ashland West 46090-E8
Ashland East 46090-E7
Odanah 46090-E6
Cedar 46090-E5
Oronto Bay 46090-E4
Little Girls Point 46090-E3
Washington Island NE 45086-D7
Washington Island NW 45086-D8
Washington Island SE 45086-C7
Washington Island SW 45086-C8
Ellison Bay 45087-C1
Spider Island 45086-B8
Sister Bay 45087-B1
Ephraim 45087-B2
Chambers Island 45087-B3
Chambers Island NW 45087-B4
Birch Creek 45087-B5
Baileys Harbor East 45087-A1
Baileys Harbor West 45087-A2
Egg Harbor 45087-A3
Green Island 45087-A4
Marinette East 45087-A5
Marinette West 45087-A6
Jacksonport 44087-H2
Institute (TB) 44087-H3
Idlewild (TB) 44087-H4
Peshtigo Harbor 44087-H6
Oconto East 44087-H7
Jacksonport SW 44087-G2
Sturgeon Bay East (TB) 44087-G3
Sturgeon Bay West (TB) 44087-G4
Little Sturgeon 44087-G5
Little Sturgeon SW 44087-G6
Oconto SE 44087-G7
Pensaukee 44087-G8
Algoma NE 44087-F3
Forestville 44087-F4
Namur 44087-F6
Dyckesville 44087-F7
Little Tail Point 44087-F8
Algoma 44087-E4
New Franken 44087-E7
Green Bay East 44087-E8
Kewaunee 44087-D5
Two Creeks 44087-C5
Two Rivers 44087-B5
Mishicot 44087-B6
Manitowoc 44087-A6
Cleveland East 43087-H6
Sheboygan North 43087-G6
Sheboygan South 43087-F6
Sheboygan Falls 43087-F7
Cedar Grove 43087-E7
Port Washington East 43087-D7
Port Washington West 43087-D8
Cedarburg 43087-C8
Thiensville 43087-B8
Milwaukee 43087-A8

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Processing steps

After receiving the standard USGS-produced DRGs, the Land
Information and Computer Graphics Facility (LICGF) carried out two
basic processing steps:

a. The "collar" surrounding the map portion of each DRG and
    containing ancillary information about the printed map, such as
    scale bars, legend and attribution, was re-classified to a distinct
    range of pixel values in the scanned image (values 20 through 32).
    This enables ArcView users to optionally "turn off" the DRG map
     collar for display purposes.

 b. DRGs were converted to the Wisconsin Transverse Mercator (WTM)
     coordinate system, based on the North American Datum of 1983
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