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GIS Tools to Support Stormwater Management

Stormwater 2003 Conference
Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance
Green Bay, Wisconsin
March 6, 2003

This all-day workshop conducted by David Hart and Brea Lemke of the University of Wisconsin-Madison explored a range of GIS tools to support stormwater management. These tools included L-THIA (Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment) developed by Purdue University; BASINS (Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources) developed by the Environmental Protection Agency; ISAT (Impervious Surface Analysis Tool) developed by the NOAA Coastal Services Center; and SLAMM (Source Loading and Management Model) developed by Robert Pitt and John Voorhees. The workshop ended with a demonstration of GIS interoperability to support floodplain management in Wisconsin.


Welcome/Goals and Objectives/Introductions
Powerpoint (pdf file 86K)

The Role of GIS in Modeling Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution
Powerpoint (pdf file 138K)

Demonstration of L-THIA: Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment project at Purdue University.
Powerpoint for the L-THIA Intro (pdf file 667K)
Powerpoint for L-THIA Exercise (pdf file 594K)

Demonstration of Better Assessment Integrating Point and Nonpoint Sources (BASINS), a multipurpose environmental analysis system developed by EPA for use by regional, state, and local agencies in performing watershed and water-quality-based studies.
Powerpoint for the BASINS Intro (pdf file 108K)
Powerpoint for the BASINS Exercise (pdf file 832K)

Demonstration of the Impervious Surface Analysis Tool (ISAT), an ArcView extension developed by the NOAA Coastal Services Center and the Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) project to calculate the percentage of impervious surface area of user selected geographic areas (e.g. watersheds, municipalities, subdivisions).
Powerpoint for the ISAT Intro and Exercise (pdf file 554K)

Demonstration of the use of ArcView GIS to support operation of the Source Loading and Management Model (SLAMM) for planning and management of nonpoint source pollution in urban areas.
Powerpoint for the SLAMM Intro (pdf file 139K)

Demonstration - GIS Interoperability for Floodplain Management
Powerpoint (pdf file 1.2 MB)

GIS Exercises/Data Sets

The GIS exercises provided below are in Acrobat PDF format. They are being made available to workshop participants in draft form.

L-THIA Exercise (19 KB)
L-THIA GIS User's Manual - Ver 2.3 (from Purdue University - 3.6 MB)
BASINS Exercise (43 KB)
ISAT Exercise (57 KB)
SLAMM GIS Exercise (827 KB)

The GIS data sets for the tutorials are compressed in zip format. They can be uncompressed using WinZip or a similar package. Some of the zip files are very large and may take a long time to download.

L-THIA GIS Data Sets (946 KB)
ISAT GIS Data Sets (15.2 MB)
SLAMM GIS Data Sets (307 KB)


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