URPL 969

Applications of GIS
in Urban and
Regional Planning

Department of Urban and Regional Planning,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Spring 2005 -- 3 credits

David Hart, Coastal GIS Specialist,
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute,
Email: dhart *at* aqua.wisc.edu
Phone: (608) 262-6515

Wednesdays and Fridays, 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. - 208 Old Music Hall
Some class periods will be spent in the URPL Computer Lab

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This is an introductory to intermediate-level GIS course that focuses on the application of geographic information systems in the practice of urban and regional planning, with a focus on land use and environmental issues. Topics covered will include data models and structures, coordinate systems and projections, thematic mapping, spatial analysis, acquisition and integration of spatial data from various sources, interoperable web mapping services, spatial data policy issues, and GIS application development. The central component is a class project covering the collection, formatting, analysis, and presentation of land use data for a Madison neighborhood utilizing the Land-Based Classification Standards developed by the American Planning Association.

Course Materials

Course Syllabus (pdf file 24K -- revised 2/15/05)


Theobold, David M. 2003. GIS Concepts and ArcGIS Methods. Conservation Planning Technologies.
Huxhold, William E., Eric M. Fowler, and Brian Parr. 2004. ArcGIS and the Digital City: A Hands-on Approach for Local Government. ESRI Press.
O'Looney, John. 2000. Beyond Maps: GIS and Decision Making in Local Government. ESRI Press. [OPTIONAL]

Course Schedule

Week 1

Assignment #1: Complete the Blue Lake Shoreland Management GIS Training Exercise and turn in the evaluation form at the end. This can be done individually or with a partner (due Friday, January 28th).
Blue Lake Shoreland Management GIS Training Exercise
Link to missing taxroll96.dbf file (now included in bluelake zip file).

Week 2

What is GIS? Theobold, Chapter 1

History of GIS GIS Application Summaries Data Models and Structures: Theobold, Chapter 2

Week 3

Assignment #2: GIS Application Summary (due Friday, March 18th).

Coordinate Systems and Projections Theobold, Chapter 3

Fundamentals of Map Design
Supplemental Reading

Week 4

Visualization of Spatial Data Theobold, Chapter 4

Querying a Map Theobold, Chapter 5

Week 5

GIS Exercise - Creating a Map of Shipwreck Mooring Sites

Creating and Editing Feature Data Theobold, Chapter 6

Week 6

Raster Basics and Analysis Theobold, Chapter 7

Single Map Analysis Theobold, Chapter 8

Week 7

Dual Map Analysis and Modeling Theobold, Chapter 9

ArcGIS and the Digital City - Exercise 1a,b,c,d Huxhold, et al. Chapter 1, pp. 1-58

Week 8

ArcGIS and the Digital City - Exercise 1e,f,g,h,i Huxhold, et al. Chapter 1, pp. 59-104

ArcGIS and the Digital City - Exercise 2a,b,c,d,e,f Huxhold, et al. Chapter 2, pp. 105-154

Week 9

ArcGIS and the Digital City - Exercise 3a,b,c Huxhold, et al. Chapter 3, pp. 155-220

ArcGIS and the Digital City - Exercise 3d,e Huxhold, et al. Chapter 3, pp. 221-245

Week 10

Spring Break

Week 11

Land Classification Systems

Field Methods for Land Classification

Week 12

LBCS Land Use Survey - Regent Neighborhood.

Assignment #3: LBCS Land Use Survey Methods (due Friday, April 15th).


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