ESRI Site License

UW-Madison is a part of the UW System-wide site license which includes most ESRI products. The UW-Madison portion is currently administered through LICGF. In exchange for a yearly in maintenance fee, the UW has unlimited right to copy ESRI products for use by UW-Madison Campus departments, institutes, and so forth. See the link on Menu bar for fees, which cover support and campus services.

Master copies of the media are kept on a UW Box folder, and those who qualify for a license can access that folder. Fill out one of the contact forms for a link.

A copy of the User’s Agreement for the UW-Madison is here.

Technical support from ESRI must go through one of the GIS Specialists (Excel spreadsheet,click tab for esri_specialists), including Math Heinzel at LICGF.

NOTE: Current Version of ArcGIS Desktop is 10.6.1, for ArcGIS Pro is 2.2.4.  Patches, when available, can be found here.

Student versions of ArcGIS and Personal copies for Faculty/Staff are available, as well.

And for those who don’t qualify for the above: ArcGIS for Home Use

Departments.  Several Departments on the UW Campus have Departmental Licenses.  If you are Faculty or Staff in one of those departments, You can get the media for installation directly from the contact in your department.  Departmental Licenses include (not a complete list):

Geography;    Forest & Wildlife Ecology    Soil Science;    Community and Environmental Sociology;    LICGF;    Sea Grant;    Planning & Landscape Architecture;    Ag & Applied Economics;    SAGE;    Community & Environmental Sociology;    Computer Sciences;    SSEC;    Geoscience;    Population Health Sciences;   Zoology

ESRI Announcement List.  We now have an email distribution list for campus users, where will be posted announcements of updates, patches, etc, and where users are encouraged to share information, ask questions, and even announce projects they are undertaking using ESRI software. To join, send an email from the account that you wish to receive messages on, to