Description of Partial-Undergrounding for the Jenifer Street Reconstruction: Partial-Undergrounding in the Jenifer Street Reconstruction
Contacts to ask for protection of our street-trees through partial-undergrounding: Contacts
Benefits of LARGE trees:
Benefits of LARGE trees:
Urban Forest Values: naturewithin.info/Policy/EconBens-FS3.pdf
More on the Value of Trees: canopy.org/about-trees/the-benefits-of-trees/
Link to example letter to the City related to preserving trees on Jenifer Street: letter & sample letter
MNA Jenifer Street Page
Some of the Benefits Derive from Canopy Trees Along Our Streets
Energy conservation from cooling shade on homes* Increased privacy in homes
Increased air quality* Shielding homes from streetlights
Habitat for a variety of birds and other critters Water retention to aid in reducing storm runoff
Traffic calming Reduction in heating bills*


* “…shading and evaporative cooling from trees can cut residential air-conditioning costs 20-50%.”   http://canopy.org/about-trees/the-benefits-of-trees/
*“A healthy tree can produce about 260 lb of oxygen annually - two trees supply the oxygen needs of a person each year!”   http://www.naturewithin.info/Policy/EconBens-FS3.pdf
*"Tree windbreaks can reduce residential heating costs 10-15%"  http://canopy.org/about-trees/the-benefits-of-trees/

Jenifer Street Trees

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